Canvasco Australia

Canvasco Australia is the trend label for urban sailors, for inhabitants of this worlds metropolises, who enjoy being on the move, always aiming to be ahead of time. An encompassing target group with high expectations and diverse tastes.
Like their owners, all canvasco products are unique. The central ingredient l canvasco bags is recycled sailing cloth, providing
a multitude of varying textures and appearances.
Stitching, patterns, colours,aesthetics, feel canvasco products are durable. The designs are beautiful, functional and
above all desirable.
Production takes place in three female prison facilities. As a label which embraces corporate responsibility, canvasco support imprisoned women and guarantees domestic production through suitable and fair working conditions.

Canvasco key facts

1. all canvasco bags are unique
2. made from recycled sailing cloth
3. handmade in germany
4. produced in female prison facilities
5. bags are washable
6. the shoulder strap is used to lift containers in the harbour - every stripe counts for one ton of load

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